About Us


Embedded with a mission of loyalty and transparency in every step of the process, our team with over two decades of experience in real estate are known for their impeccable services. We pride ourselves in collaborating with some of the top-notch real estate developers in the city that gievs access to their latest projects. Our services include guidance in sales, leasing and management of freehold properties throughout Dubai.

The process of acquiring a real property is not only an investment, but an event for many and we at Accord Real Estate are equipped to make your journey hassle-free and a thoroughly enjoyable one.

We believe that a property is not just a building, but a place where one makes memories that last a lifetime and it’s our responsibility to ensure you get the best. Whether you are looking for an apartment loft that defines you or a fancy penthouse, an affordable townhouse or a mesmerizing beachfront villa that spells absolute luxury, we are a one-stop solution for all your real estate needs.

With an in-depth knowledge of Communities and Areas of the city and our affiliation with Dubai’s Real estate law and services, we invest sufficient time in market research to ensure our clients make well-informed choices. Furthermore, our online presence with innovative technologies and resources ensures that the availability of your property for sale or leasing is optimized and has visibility for local and international investors.